What's in your water?

  • Over 42% of households in Gaston County currently rely on private wells as their primary source of drinking water.
  • These wells are unmonitored, so it’s up to you to protect yourself with testing and information.
  • Exposure to contaminated groundwater poses a significant health risk to rural populations, especially children.

The  first goal of Gaston Water Map is to inform and improve awareness among private well users about drinking water quality. The second goal is to encourage regular water testing as a way to reduce health risks.




Sample map of contamination

Our Team

Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services, UNC Charlotte, and UNC Chapel Hill have partnered to offer this service through funding from the Water Resources Research Institute.

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GastonWaterMap is part of Gaston County DHHS’ mission to inform your healthcare decisions. There is no obligation to participate, and we will never retain your information without your express permission.